Gather your friends or loved ones, as this exclusive beer bath can accommodate up to six guests, making it a perfect friend date. Your spa reservation begins with a delightful welcome foot therapy, where your tired feet receive a soothing treatment with beer yeast. Step into your private room, specially designed for your group, where the beer bath awaits. With individual mini-sessions for each guest, including a facial and head massage. Later, enter our rejuvenating sauna, where the heat will release any tension held within your body. And for the adventurous, take a plunge into the polar dive, a truly invigorating experience that awakens your senses. Throughout the entire experience, delight in the pleasure of UNLIMITED beer and tapas. The Gossipers Beer Bath is an extraordinary fusion of indulgence, relaxation, and socialization: a two-hour spectacle that promises to leave you and your group feeling revitalized and completely pampered.